Originating in Long Island, NY, now serves north/west Broward and southern Palm Beach counties in Florida.

The programs at have evolved from many of life’s experiences.

We have over 16 years experience teaching piano, flute, violin and guitar privately. Our teachers take pleasure in teaching many styles of music including: classical, pop, rock, jazz, improvisation and composition. We enjoy teaching all ages and all abilities.

Not only are we experts in teaching music, but we are also experts in teaching people how to learn efficiently and effectively. The skills mastered while learning music, such as; breaking down a challenge into do-able segments, problem solving, listening and decision-making all carry over into other areas of one’s education and everyday life. Children, adults and seniors all can benefit from musical study.

Experiences of teaching during pregnancy helped develop the Prenatal Music Program. Unborn children react to music played to them in-utero. Understanding classical music makes the experience enjoyable for both mother and child. This is an opportunity to be exposed to types of music one might not ordinarily listen to.

The program was developed from years of teaching young children-not only music, but about the world around them. We feel that connecting experiences for young children makes them enjoy and really get involved in the learning process. What better combination of learning about everything; from the ABC’s to science to animals, etc… than through music!